Tips to Getting Healthy in Your 50s

9 Jun 2015

At age 40, basically for woman you may start to experience the effects of hormonal changes as perimenopause begins. So this is important time for you to prevent health problems such as diabetes, heart disease and many types of chronic disease in the future.

Same as if you turn to late 50s, what is more important is to maintain healthy lifestyle as best as you can. You need to start as soon as possible to maintain healthy living habits like exercise regularly, get enough sleep, eat healthy and less stress. 

Live longer and stronger 

It is possible to live longer and have healthier life which is by preventing yourself from chronic disease. Proper meal and diet will give nutrition keeps muscle, bones, organs, and other body parts strong for the long haul. 

How many calories do adults over 50 need?

Let’s check out the following guideline:

 A woman over 50 who is:

  • Not physically active needs about 1600 calories a day.
  • For who physically active needs about 1800 calories a day.
  • Very active person needs about 200 calories a day.

A man who over 50 is:

  •  Not physically active needs about 1600 calories a day.
  •  For who physically active needs about 2200-2400 calories a day.
  •  Very active person needs 2400-2800 calories a day.

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