A Positive Mindset

30 Jun 2015

You can do anything you want through the power of your own subconscious mind. Whether  you are rich or poor, extremely successful or struggling (note: you have never 'failed' as long as you're alive), happy or miserable, that is where you directed your subconscious to take you.

Your subconscious has the power and knowledge of the universe, but it has no direction of its own. It is like a magnificent ship capable of taking you anywhere in life’s ocean with its own, built-in navigator.

But you are the master. You have to plot the course, and it will follow your every command. You may take exception to the first paragraph, particularly if your life is among the more negative.

Therein lies the point in question. The universe is in perfect balance, made up of ‘positive’ and ‘negative’ vibrations. But if you seek or even accept the negative vibrations, that is what your subconscious will project and what you, in turn, receive.

Those who only feel positive thoughts and project positive vibes can summon in powerful, positive strength to achieve anything. Mind you, if you have suffered from ‘poor me-it is- for any length of time or issued a great deal of negative vibes to yourself or others, this can be hard to cure.

The moment you try to put yourself on a positive course, you will find you have awakened a sleeping beast. As you first begin feeling the results and rewards of a positive stance in all parts of your life, don’t be surprised or alarmed, by a series of negative occurrences.

Just hang in there and if you laugh at each weak attempt to discourage you, you will find your positive vibrations always winning out.

Everyone has a subconscious mind with the ability to the wonderful things. It  is, while developing in life, from childhood on that so many negative messages can stunt its growth.

From “don’t touch that, you’ll burn yourself”, “get back or you’ll fall” to “you won’t amount to much”, “you’ll never make it in life”, “you want to be a what?” – it’s a wonder we ever make it to adulthood!

What you battered being has been most exposed to or whatever compromises you have made in your development, can convince your subconscious mind that you want to be in a dull, unrewarding job, content to squeak by, at or near minimum wage.

What do you really want to be? Where do you want to be? How wealthy do you want to be? Your birthright is to have health, wealth and happy relationship. Your subconscious mind can draw an abundance of each from your own treasure trove in the universe if you just go about it the right way.

How do you get the attention of your subconscious mind and make it accomplish these things for you? It is possible through deep study, concentration, and trial-and-error to make contact yourself.

But it is much easier with the help and guidance of a well trained certified hypnotherapist. Having been in private practice for a little over 12 years, I have gained great pleasure in helping clients, who were feeling bogged down in their careers. Relationships and lives in general, to find new enthusiasm and great success.

One doctor, who had a paralyzing phobia of taking tests, had to take two demanding tests to improve his position in his job. A few sessions prior to test time helped him pass both with ease.

Yet another, a successful self-made man was suffering from excessive stress. He spent most of his time on the sites of projects, rarely relaxed, and became quick tempered over little things.

His weekly sessions have guided him to relax, enjoy his life, and empower his entire being with positive reactions to everything. He now delegates daily works to his foreman and their crew, who now give him complete respect and loyalty.

 Your mind can make miracles happen for you, too. You want to reach the top, enjoy life to the max? Then don’t ever say, “I wish I had done that.” Do it! It’s easier than you think, through hypnotherapy.

Article source: The Sun


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