5 Ways to Stay Healthy on Budget!

20 Oct 2017

Use Coupons

Sign up or download any rebates apps and discount coupons from different kind of supermarket. Those supermarkets will always have different promotion or weekly sale on certain items. So, try to combine them. Coupons is one of the best way to save money.

Stock Up on Sales

Frequently update any sales or promo from any supermarket. Sometimes, they can go on sale for cheaper price for certain items. If you have favourite items, you should pick it up when the item on sale. It’s better for you to consider planning your meals around what’s on sale. 

Prepare You Own Lunch

Stop buying outside food and try to prepare your own meal. Eating outside may cost you and you are not able to always pack leftovers with you. The easiest way is to pack your meal or drink is less expensive rather than you're eating outside.

Go for Store Brands

Normally people will pick product from well-known brands. Don't be afraid to try for off brand product like store brands product. Sometimes the price is more cheaper compare to well-known brand. It should help you to save quite a lot of money. 

Plan Your Meal

It sounds like easy but whether you like it or not you must have a plan by create a meal plan! List the things that you want to buy instead of purchase unnecessary things. Make sure you scan your fridge and cabinet to ensure what you already have. So that you don’t end up you just wasting and throwing away what you buy. 

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