Do's & Don'ts for Weight Loss

12 May 2017

Cut Sugar Intake

As we know sugar is in everything, so the best way to lose some weight is cut out sugar intake. The easiest way to lose some weight and start your diet plan is to avoid sugary drink and replace with plain water or green tea. This is because sugary drinks are a major contributor to the obesity epidemic.

Fast Food

Fast food is convenient, but it can be salty and contain too many calories. Losing weight by cutting down fast foods and junk foods is the most effective way. Try to eat healthy and balance diet by eat more vegetables, fruits and grains.

Don’t Skip Breakfast

Did you know eating breakfast every morning can help you kick-start your metabolism. That means it will help you to lose weight. Having a regular morning meal also actually keeps your fit, healthy and slim. Despite by skipping breakfast can lower your glucose levels and cause headache.

Workout Buddy

A weight loss buddy is the best way to encourage and give motivation to you stay on the track. Instead of sharing interest to lose weight by discuss a lot regarding diet and workout tips but at the same time both of you can be buddies to go along with you as workout partner.


The most difficult things are to avoid foods. Everybody love foods. When we start to eat it’s hard for us to stop and control ourselves. However, the only you can do is set your weight goal and keep in mind that you must achieve it no matter how. Set smaller goal of losing weight, for example 1 kilogram in two week. Write your weight goal in place that see everyday so it will motivate you to keep going!

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