Why Consider Personal Accident Insurance?

8 Jul 2014
Most of Malaysians lack of awareness about the importance of insurance coverage. In fact there are still many who do not understand the importance and necessity of insurance for future. They average perception insurance is not so important and it will only burden or add their existing commitments.

So why need to add a monthly commitments while in the workplace employer already provide medical insurance coverage for each employee, so there is nothing to worry about. 

If the perception is given, then they seem not to consider the impact of an impending for the long time in the future. Unexpected circumstance can happen at any time even we are not ask for that, then we also are not able to predict when an emergency will occur such as accidents, illness or disability that ultimately will affect and burden their family members, children and themselves.

Therefore, every individual should make early preparations or back up plan to face an emergency times at times usually unpredictable. Are we aware or even realize every day we are faced with the risk of accidents while commuting to work?  

Most accidents can be attributed to human error and factors such as aggressive and negligent driver behavior, non-adherence to traffic rules as well as poor road conditions. 

According to Utusan Malaysia, a total of 20,225 case of accidents while to and from work were reported from January to September 2013. Even motorcyclists accounted for 85 percent of the total accidents reported involving workers aged 40 years and below. 

If the risk of accidents going to and from work every day is increase. Even bikers also is the largest source of the highest percentage rates involved in road accidents. The question is whether they are covered by personal accident insurance?

Yes, they are covered by the employer. But is it enough to cover the cost of living if someone is disabled due to an accident and at the same time they need to bear four children who are in school plus a monthly commitment. 

As we all know the cost of living getting higher and higher. Similarly, rising medical costs. The consequences of the loss of income would be a major burden in their daily lives.

But in situations such emergencies, the perception insurance are not important will directly change perception of the importance of basic insurance coverage like personal accident insurance or extra. At least, it can reduce suffering during the treatment due to an accident.  Rather than simply relying on employer insurance, personal savings, and invalidity pension from SOCSO.

Therefore, every individual should have the awareness to find other alternatives in planning financial protection plan for long term during emergency. That is to protect yourself and your love ones.

Why? Because we do not recognize when misfortune would befall. Many Malaysian still doubt to spend some amounts of money to protect themselves with a long-term protection plan. 

However this become more important if you are the only one earning member in your family. Your entire family’s future financial goals depend on your income stream and should that stop because of an accident you meet with. Should you take a risk? Indeed “Prevention is Better than Cure”.

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