Personal Injury Cover

7 Jul 2014
How personal injury cover works?

Accidents can happen when you least expect them and a serious injury or accidental death could put you and your family in serious financial difficulty. Personal injury cover, or personal accident insurance as it is sometimes called, can provide you with financial help in such a situation.

How can I buy personal injury cover?

It is often included or can be added on to car, travel, sports, home and business policies, but they can also be bought by themselves by some online insurers. Should you become injured or die as a result of an accident, you or your family could receive a cash sum. 

Critical illness insurance, which can cover you if you become seriously ill or lose a limb, is different and can be bought separately.

Do you already have personal injury cover?

Insurance policies you hold already might provide you with some personal injury cover – and in some cases your spouse – for accidental death, loss of sight in one or both eyes, and loss of limb(s) as a result of an accident in the car registered with your provider.

It's common to find personal injury cover as part of home insurance and travel insurance policies, too. Personal injury cover when bought alone is often more comprehensive than when bought as part of another insurance plan. 

Depending on the injuries you suffer, some policies will pay out on multiple injuries (to a point), while compensation levels for a single injury with certain insurers can be as high as £250,000.

While cover that's tied to other insurance will restrict you to accidents that occur in specific circumstances, such as a car accident, standalone insurance will protect you for a wide range of incidents.

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