5 Simple Habits That Help to Financial Freedom

19 Dec 2016

Earn More, Spend Less

There so much way to earn more money by doing side income. You are the one who going to put effort to do so. Look for ways and find opportunity to increase your salary and side income. Wait before you buy and spend only on what is important.

Invest Now

Invest when you are young and still healthy. You have an entire life ahead of you. Delay investing and you could lose out in retirement money. Getting started early gets you in the habit of putting yourself and your financial future first.

I Love Job

Loving your job may not be easy for you but when you love doing what you are doing. Indirectly you can develop skill and over the time, you become good at what you’re doing. Do more than is expected to excel at work. Ask for raise based on your proven accomplishments.

Budget and Manage Your Cash

Pay yourself first. Automate your saving and investing so that it’s taken out of your account before you can spend it. By building up savings, one can handle unanticipated expenses without going into debt and putting oneself in a difficult situation.

Pay Off Your Credit Card

Credit card debts are almost always unnecessary. If you can’t pay for your purchase in the month you buy, don’t get it. The solution is spending only 10% of the credit limit. Let say, if your credit limit is RM5000, don’t spend more than RM500. Credit card debt can increase money stress.

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