Need for Balance in Our Actions

22 Sep 2015

Inner pleasure and the sense of achievement depend on the balance between being, doing and having. This path begins at the point where we know who we are and what we really want in life. It then passes to effectively exercising our gifts and talents, and culminates in the satisfaction of receiving the just returns.

We can only experience fulfillment when we can express who we are through what we do. An artist who is force to work as a labourer in a factory will feel frustrated, no matter how good the salary. A volunteer, though unpaid, can still feel highly rewarded.

Giving is important. Wealth is not just having something for our own enjoyment, but also something we can offer others. The gift we offer to others is not only material but could be time, attention, care and so on.

When we give something to someone, we automatically insert ourselves into the energy chain of this gesture and begin to have a share of responsibility in the process until the end.
We should be discerning in giving material things. If we donate money, for example, we should know what its destiny is, as street child can use it to buy drugs or even weapon.

By staying detached from our desire from our desire to help, all our goodness may bring about the opposite effect instead.

How we stamp ourselves is how others will see us. By defining clearly the gifts we have to offer the world, everything around organises itself to take advantage of these benefits.

As a result, other people perceive and recognize our value. In this way, we are ‘paid back’ in innumerable ways.

Bridget Menezes

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