Weekly Weigh-ins Give Least Stress

19 May 2015

When trying to slim, there is a strong desire to check almost hourly how many kilograms you have shed but weighing yourself only once a week is better for your nerves, a German consumer organisation is advising.

Body weight varies from day to day and from morning to evening. Constantly monitoring the scales can lead to negative feelings and demotivation if you happen to step on the device during a weight spike, says the Consumers Advice Bureau of North Rhine Westphalia.

These variations are usually not sign you have been consuming high-calories foods, but rather of net changes in fluid retention and the contents of the intestine. Using the toilet creates a temporary weight loss.

Those watching their waistline should rather pick a fixed day and time each week to weight themselves. The professional method is to record the data in a table or on a graph in order  to monitor weight loss as a matter of averages, the organisation says- dpa

Article source: The Sun

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