The Top 5 Anti-Aging Foods

17 Mar 2017
Green Tea

Everyday routine can’t even avoid you from expose to sunlight. Too much time out in the sun is one of the factors that cause of aging. In order to keep your skin as young as possible, your cells need to replace correctly. So green tea has lots of antioxidant power to defend against aging. It’s rich in beneficial acids which act as antioxidants.
You may not like to include your meal with avocados but the fact is it very rich in glutathione. Avocados can also be used to flushing toxins from your system, relieve dry, acne and wrinkles. This amazing fruit really have a lot of good for you and especially for your skin as an agent against aging.
If you’re always craving for something sweet, the best way you can do is to replace honey for other types of sugar. Basically, honey has anti-aging, anti acne and skin repairing benefits. Just a simple homemade honey mask every twice a week it can moisturize your skin and effective on wrinkles.
Tomatoes there are juicy, and delicious. They have vitamin C, which Vitamin C is good for wound repair, for any type of tissue maintenance, and that applies to your skin. Lycopene in tomatoes are widely known for their significant antioxidant content as antioxidants properties and bone health.
Every 100g of plain yogurt includes 1mg of zinc which helps to regulate oil production in the sebaceous glands then preventing oily skin and frequent acne breakouts. In addition, yogurt contains many powerful nutrients that help to rejuvenating and promoting healthy skin. The consumption of yogurt also helps to reduce skin wrinkling as well.
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