4 Bad Habits Before Going to Bed

9 Sep 2016

Eating a Late Night Meal

Some peoples love to eat supper before sleep or having late dinner. Usually after have a big meal then go straight to bed. Eating too much food such as spicy or fatty foods and caffeine one or three hours before sleep can reduce the quality of sleep. Generally making you fatigued, inactive and not fun to be around the next day.

Don’t consume caffeine

Caffeine helps you stay awake, Even if you drink a latte six hours before you tuck in, caffeine can impact your slumber for up to 12 hours. To sleep more soundly, avoid caffeinated foods and beverages after the a.m. hours are over and try soothing chamomile or lemon balm tea in the afternoon or evening instead.
Working in bed
Using a computer before bed can disrupt sleep. The light given off by your laptop can also prevent your brain from releasing melatonin, and working in bed likely means you’re not giving yourself enough time to unwind before sleep.
Workout before sleep
Some people do have trouble falling asleep after exercise. That’s because the adrenaline is flowing and your heart rate is up. The brain is very active after a workout, and your body temperature is up, which can make it tough to fall asleep.
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