Raya Accident Numbers Not Good

12 Jul 2016
OP Selamat will last for 15 days over the Hari Raya Aidilfitri festive season during which the police will try their hardest to prevent road accidents. Unfortunately, a mere four days into the operation things are not looking good. In spite of the numerous measures put in place to ensure that roads are safe for the balik kampung exodus the number of accidents has exceeded the number for the same period last year. A total of just under 6,500 translates to a 10.7 per cent increase from last year’s under 6,000 cases. 

However, the number of fatal accidents and fatalities is slightly lower this year. Selangor figures large as having the most dangerous roads. Almost a third of all accidents occurred in the country’s richest state and obviously, despite the excellent road network, drivers are less than responsible. According to the police, selfish drivers are the main contributors to the horrendous statistics. If the number of accidents continues to increase year by year, despite the authorities’ best efforts, something more drastic is needed. Penalties must be such that they constitute a real deterrent. Hitting pockets where it hurts most, fines must be commensurate with the offence. Suspending the offender’s driving licence for a substantial amount of time is another option. 

Those causing fatalities must be imprisoned for manslaughter, at least, and never be allowed to drive ever again. Keeping the roads safe is proving to be quite a challenge. There is a sense that Neanderthals are loose on our roads, turning the holidays into a circus of tragedies. Therefore, as in the circus, the ringmaster must crack the whip to get the wilful into line and secure the safety of other road users. Those who protest against harsh, firm action are doing a disservice to law-abiding citizens. The bottom line is freedoms are not guaranteed when irresponsibility runs rampant.

The rule of law is straightforward: respect it or pay for your sins. All that is for next year, but for now those driving home must cooperate to bring down the number of road accidents and fatalities during this year’s Raya exodus. There are still another 10 days to Op Selamat and the onus is on those on the roads to make it a year where safety trends; where the statistics will be a pleasant surprise; and, where fewer tears will be shed by both families and insurance companies. Remember never to drive when tired because the danger is one may fall asleep at the wheel. Remember to drive at a reasonable speed and don’t overtake unnecessarily.

Remember to not use your mobile phone while driving. It is an offence. Remember to keep your eyes on the road and don’t be distracted by the chatter of your passengers. The rest and recreation areas are exactly what they are called so take to opportunity to stop at these places to stretch your legs and ease the strain of long-distance driving. It has been a good Aidilfitri celebration, why spoil it? Stay cool and calm, and let patience reign. 429

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