Why You Need A Personal Accident Insurance?

23 Jun 2014

We heard and read a lot of accident news through mass media almost every day. Motorists were those who majority involved in accident because they had higher risks involve in accident.

Motorists often become killed victim on the road, because they have to face with car, lorry and bus drivers. Many people will fear to hear and witness this kind of accident. But do we ever thought to provide oneself with extra protection such as personal accident insurance to secure ourselves and loved ones.

How Important is Personal Accident Insurance?

Accident is Unpredictable

We have daily routine such as on and off to work in our vibrant life. There is accident news reported daily as well. The situation is worrying, especially motorist because they have higher risks. Taking precaution steps is not enough, because accident could happen in any unexpected time. So this is the reason why personal accident insurance should be included as extra protection during critical moment, instead other precaution preparation. 

Insufficient Savings

Life in the metropolitan city could be challenging due to increasing cost of living. It is not surprise if we does not have savings at all or just in small amount. Have you ever thought that you could loss your income if you involved in an accident that probably could paralyzed you? Does your savings able to support daily spending and pay for all commitment without consistent or permanent income? In fact it will become worse if you were the only one breadwinner for your family.

It will be more unfortunate if someone involved in an fatal accident. The family, children and loved ones sure will get the impact, especially if the victim is the only source of income. All those factors will make you think and review the need of personal accident insurance. However, it is your own choice to decide whether you want to purchase or not a personal accident insurance for future protection.

Insurance Provided by Employer is Limited

It is an advantage when employer taking care of employees by providing insurance protection. But employees should not over dependent on such insurance because the protection only provide you if you still working with the company. What if you were unemployed or loss your job on certain reason?

Despite your company provide insurance probably in limited protection. Therefore, it is reasonable to own an extra insurance coverage such as personal accident insurance as low as RM100 per year. Beside that, it will also gives you freedom to choose any suitable plan and protection by your own.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this information it has helped me to know more about personal accident insurance

  2. Thank you for sharing this information it has helped me to know more about accident insurance