What is Soy Peptide?

20 Sept 2019

What is Soy Peptide?
An alternative to conventional soy protein, soy peptide is a form of protein (plant protein) that is more easily absorbed by the body to provide greater nutritional value. A popular nutritious food in Japan, it is an excellent diet supplement suitable for daily consumption even by vegetarians.

What are The Benefits of Berries?
Berries are packed with antioxidants. Just a few servings of berried a day could boost your immune system and preventing of chronic health conditions. These are the benefits of soy peptide mix with berries:

  •     Inhibit Obesity
  •     Prevent Cardiovascular Disease
  •     Boost Brain function
  •     Anti–Cancer
  •     Improve Digestion
  •     Prevent Osteoporosis
  •     Strength Immune System
  •     Anti-Ageing
  •     Promote Muscle Recovery
  •     Improve Clarity

There is no food will can cure flue or fever immediately, but certain nutrients take the lead become shield to protect your body from billions of bacteria and viruses. Protein is a part of the body’s defense mechanism and one of the nutrients that your body need is protein as well.

The body uses protein to build and repair tissues to support a healthy immune system. How to get protein in your daily meal? You can add protein to your meals and beverages with a protein powder or nutrition supplement drinks.

Introducing your daily protein SoyBoos! A highly nutritious and natural source of protein, SoyBoos is the perfect pick-me-up as it boosts your daily protein with ease. Formulated with soy peptide and various natural berries, this delicious drink contains numerous impressive health benefits that your body will thank you. Since it is a plant protein, you can trust that is cholesterol free and fat-free! Suitable for vegetarians too. For more info please visit Memelist

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Sugar detox: By Cutting Sugar, You Can Reduce Your Health Risks

5 Sept 2019
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Sugar detox is not easy, but you will find the benefits are worth for your health and may feel better than ever. Sugar can be addicting when you try to decrease the amount that you eat it will slowly stop cravings. Once your sugar intake has decreased the possibility to lose weight is probably high. 

Somehow when you cut out sugar rapidly, your cravings get more intense and you may get withdrawal symptoms that can last from a few days to few weeks. It will be getting worse during times of stress because your cravings for sugar become higher. However, the longer your body get used without sugar, the less intense your craving for sugar will be. 

Cut your sugar intake and start eating a healthful diet may have a benefit: 

•    Decrease risk of obesity
•    Keep your skin looking young
•    Cut craving of sweet stuff
•    Reduce inflammation
•    Improve heart health
•    Get better sleep
•    Lose belly fat
•    Reduce the risk for type 2 diabetes
•    Decrease risk of obesity
•    Become more focus
•    Avoid mood swings

Photo by Kobby Mendez on Unsplash
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