5 Reasons Why You Should Protect Yourself with Insurance?

19 Jun 2014

1. To protect family income

For many families, continuity of income is dependent on the continuation for life and health of the breadwinner. Life insurance guarantees adequate family income in any unpredictable event.

2. A plan of medical or health

Most people complain about the rising cost of health treatment but they don’t make an effort to get additional protection. Only people who think wise for their future will protect themselves with insurance to ease the burden of high medical cost.

3. Financial protection as provident fund when in permanent or temporary disability

Due to the breadwinner disability, life insurance and personal insurance will ensure and protect the needs of the families will not affected.

4. A plan for the children education

All parents have high dreams for the future of their children. This is the reason why life insurance is a good back up plan for long term benefits to protect their children in the future.

5. The retirement fund

Do not just rely on the Employees Provident Fund (EPF) and pension. In fact all working people look forward a happy retirement. So by protect yourself with insurance it is a practical step toward that goal.

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